Are you a fighter, a martial artist or both?

Martial artist path.. 

If you train martial art for reasons other than fighting then you are a martial artist!  

The benefits of the martial art path are many. You stay fit forever, you maintain clarity, sharpness and discipline, you burn up stress, learn to defend yourself, stay calmer and you often make friends in training. 

A  martial artist will get the most benefit if they train as a way of life , a consistent practice which continues from young until old. Of course as you get older you might do softer forms of training and avoid sparring but nothing can stop you carrying on. 

The martial art path is fully inclusive and nobody is pushed to be a fighter. At mma dojo we believe in the positive power of martial art and are glad to pass it on to others.  

Many fighters are also martial artists and they will continue training after they retire. Martial artists should be grateful to fighters because it is often fighters who will teach you. 



the fight path …

A fighter is someone who fights in combat sports.  At MMA dojo we never tell anyone they should fight as this is a personal decision and it isn’t right for everyone.

For those of you who do wish to fight we can provide full support and training for you. 

All of our coaches are active or retired fighters. We have regular sparring and can help with padwork, strength and conditioning and nutrition plans to get you ready to fight.

At MMA dojo we welcome fighters from all over the world and we are not possesive. Meaning if you fight for us and train in other gyms or vice versa that is fine. 



Ready for some training? give us a call and we would be glad to discuss it with you