the mission

The MMA dojo was founded in 2022  

The mission  is simple

1. Create a refreshing environment for martial artists and fighters to excel. 

2.  Have a positive effect through Martial art

 How ? 


The regular classes have  no more than 14 students. This way we can give more attention to each individual allowing for better learning of martial art skill and fitness development. 

2.rigourous basic training 

With total beginners we have a structure and make sure you build a strong foundation of fitness, athleticism and fight skills.  With more advanced people we move away from rigid structures and support you to develop your own style of fighting through a more ecological approach. We understand that fighters and martial artists are all individuals and support you to develop in your own direction.  

3.Scientific training evolves

 We don’t care about tradition,  we just do what makes sense now. We are constantly evolving to ensure that we have the most safe and efficient way to train and get the results. Therefore the risk of injury is decreased and you reach peak skill and physical fitness much faster. This doesent mean we dont train hard it just means we train smart as well as hard. Scientific training also means being open to criticism and we do critique ourselves and each other alot and invite others to do so too. This is how we Evolve. 

4.consideration of training partners 
Although martial art training always has risks,  in the dojo we do not try to hurt each other. Not everyone has to spar but when we do, we focus on skill development and learning. We spar with max speed but low power so that timing and reactions can be developed without  concussion and you can stay healthy long term. 
The dojo is kept clean and tidy with lots of plants to purify the air and the temperature is kept warm all year round. Shoes must be removed upon entry and the mats are disinfected everyday. In the dojo environment you can train harder and then afterwards relax more and feel fresher.  

How does martial art have a positive effect? 

1.Martial art training makes you feel good

2. It Creates community and social connection

3. You get physically and mentally stronger 

4. You get physically and mentally healthier 

5.Martial art teaches you how to fight and defend yourself

if your Intrested in starting contact us below