womens only mUAY THAI

womens boxing

Exhilarating cardio in a beautiful setting

The women’s muaythai classes at mma dojo are an exhilarating cardio workout in a tranquil and natural environment. You can punch, kick, knee and elbow the bags , break a sweat and have a lot of fun. 

Experience the Beauty and power of MuayThai

Muaythai has a reputation for being a deadly martial art, but in this class there is no contact. Its all about about coming together, supporting each other. Smashing the bags and pads while enjoying a fantastic workout together. You'll be amazed at how empowering it is to train with a group of strong, motivated women.

Warm up and learn some moves

The class starts with some warm up exercises and some simple stretching. Then we teach you some basic foot work and combinations. 

womens kickboxing

Hit bags and pads

 The main part of the class involves hitting the bags and pads. This is similar to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), but you have the freedom to take it at your own pace. Whether you prefer a light workout or a more intense session is totally up to you. 

Cool down find tranquility


After giving your all during the workout, it’s time to wind down and find tranquility. We end each session with gentle stretching and breathing exercises that will release any tension. This cooldown period allows you to relax completely and leave feeling rejuvenated.


If you’re ready to experience the transformative power of Muay Thai, the Women’s Only Class at MMA Dojo is the perfect place to start. No matter your fitness level or experience, our instructors will guide you every step of the way.