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MuayThai kickboxing is an ancient fighting art ….

MuayThai is the ultimate form of kickboxing. It originated in Thailand thousands of years ago. MuayThai is often referred to as the science of 8 limbs because it involves striking with the fists, feet, shins knees and elbows. In essence it is the most complete striking art because it involves using every-part of your body. This makes it one of the best workouts you can get and it is also very effective as a form of self defence or for MMA.

Small clasess , Rigorous training 

This class involves rigorous training and repetitive practice of the fundamentals of MuayThai.  The class will give you high levels of endurance, flexibility, balance , coordination alongside MuayThai skills.  We have fun and enjoy teaching but we also pay strict attention to detail to make sure you become proficient at the art.  There are only 14 students per class and we train everyone thoroughly.

 Class structure

Class starts with a warm up , followed by stretching and leg control. Then we shadowbox and teach footwork and striking techniques . The main part involves striking bags and pads. This is the most fun part of the class and where you will develop the endurance and toughen up the body. 

Clear goals and purpose

The goal is to establish a good foundation and prepare you for intermediate level. For total beginners This usually takes 2-3 months of consistent training but can take longer or shorter for some.  Persistence is the key! you will achive a very good level of athleticism and martial art skill if you don’t give up. 

Fight your fight 

We understand not everyone wants to fight in the ring and that’s fine. For many people the real fight is to stay fit and healthy, for some it is a fight against depression and stress. So ultimately whatever your fight is we help you with that.

Start the journey 

Martial art is a Life long journey. It can be challenging but for those who are patient and consistent there are many blessings, good health, physical and mental strength , skills,  meeting people, winning competitions etc.  

So we welcome you to come and train with us 

muaythai kickboxing class