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MMA training at MMA DOJO 

MMA is a mixture of Striking , Wrestling and BJJ and requires a very diverse and wide ranging skill set.  Therefore we insist that total beginners first master the basic components of MMA in the Muaythai, BJJ and Wrestling classes.  MMA dojo has one of the most comprehensive beginners training curriculums in London  so you can master the basics there and then when you are ready you can come to MMA training. 

Become a complete fighter but find your style…. 

For those that are ready MMA classes are where we put everything together. We try to make all fighters as well rounded as possible and there are some true hybrid fighters. However most fighters will fall into one of two categories. 

Striking based style 

This is about becoming a Good striker who aims to KO opponents from standing while avoiding take downs. This kind of style requires sharp boxing, kicking, knee and elbow skills. It also requires solid takedown defence and good BJJ off your back so that you can defend yourself when taken down. An example of this kind of fighter would be Connor Mcgreggor or Israel Adesanya. 

Ground and pound/ submission fighter

This is the wrestler who aims to take down, ground and pound or submit . This style requires you to have excellent striking defence, good wrestling and top pressure. A good example of this kind of style would be Khabib.  For this strategy you still have to have decent striking and may be able to knock out from standing however the boxing and kicks are more a bridge to set up the takedown. From there they will control with top pressure wrestling and secure positions for the ground and pound or submissions. 



Firstly it should be noted that  when we spar we focus on technical development and do not try to hurt each other. So controlling power is very important. 

Grappling with padded mma gloves. 

This allows us to mix light punches with grappling, for example dirty boxing or ground and pound. The gloves are open enough to grapple with but padded enough that we can throw some light shots. This allows to simulate the MMA situation. 

Striking sparring with takedowns. 

In this situation we will use 16oz boxing gloves and shin guards this means that we can practice the full range of striking at different distances while learning to execute takedowns or avoid them. Of course, the grappling is limited due to the fact that we are wearing boxing gloves, but we are still able to execute clinch takedowns and single/double leg takedowns.  

Any random drill that is necessary 

If a fighter is lacking in a certain area we might create a drill to work on that. For example, defending takedowns against the cage or trying to take down a striker who has good kicks. Essentially we do not limit ourself to any particular form of training, we are creative and we do what drill is necessary to fix weak points and evolve to the next level。


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if you are interested in learning MMA at MMA dojo feel free to contact and we will be glad to assist you.