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meet the coaches

The no gi BJJ clasess at mma dojo have some of the best BJJ coaches we could have hoped for. 

We are honoured to have Ed Ingamels coaching here,  a black belt and neuroscientist who has an impressive competition record with 129 submissions. He is also pioneering the development of BJJ coaching through coach development courses.

And the much younger Jay herridge a black belt with over 100 medals who is a force to be reckoned with on the BJJ stage and a highly technical coach.

small class more growth

There are only 14 people allowed per class, this allows us to get to know students individual strengths and weaknesses better. and overall allows for a much better learning environment. 

BJJ and wrestling

To clarify most of the techniques in wrestling you will be glad to find we train in the BJJ class too at some point. The only difference is that when we go to the ground in BJJ we aim to use submissions wheres in wrestling they would just pin you and try and turn you to your back. Hence the reason why we sometimes use the term “submission wresting”  which means using wrestling to takedown and then submitting once your on the ground 

what is your goal?

Some of the people who train here just like doing BJJ for fun , some want to do BJJ competitions and get belts, some want to learn BJJ as a foundation for MMA. Whatever it is we fully support you to become the best grappler you can.

let go of ego , learn the art

At first BJJ can seem overwhelming and you may feel like it is impossible to not get tapped out. However if you let go of  winning and losing and just stay consistent with the process you will grow and evolve.  As you develop your skill set situations which seemed complicated will become simple and you will find ways to defend yourself. Slowly you will start to feel calm and in control. Over time pieces of the puzzle will start coming together as you  assimulate this beautiful art.

Training BJJ  in MMA Dojo is about community we are all here to help and support each other on this Amazing journey.  

If BJJ is something you want to get involved in 

We welcome you come and grapple with us.