coach fabrizio

Fabrizio is a Brazilian Jujitsu black belt under Roger Gracie. He also has 10years experience in MMA and is still active as a professional fighter. 

Fabrizio is from Italy where he was multiple time champion in both gi and no gi Jujitsu. he has trained in the USA and Thailand and been a long time student of the coach Esmaeli enthused wrestling style. 

Through his combined experience of Jujitsu competition and MMA fighting he has developed grappling techniques that work well in the cage. As well as in BJJ competition

Fabrizio has rich coaching experience and has taught BJJ champions and MMA fighters including working with athletes from the UFC. His teaching style is methodical, step by step and he is always open to questions. We are very glad to have Fabrizio here as part of the team at MMA dojo and welcome anyone to come and train in his class or one to one.